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Hey Gang! I'm Nick Tadpole!!

I'm currently rockin' your airways 7p-midnight on Saturdays, and 8p-midnight on Sundays.  I'm all about having FUN and LOVE working at Froggy. Heck they let me play country music for all of you out there listening, and that's pretty cool!

I'm a Yinzer born and raised, and only left long enough to get my degrees from Penn State (WE ARE!). I graduated May 2011 and came straight back here, where I blackmailed Danger into convincing his boss to give me a job, and I've been doing this ever since. (FYI: The blackmail involves Danger in a leprechaun costume, it's pretty awesome.)

I guess we'll do that basic questionnaire thing...

What's my favorite movie?

Well that's a three-way tie between Top Gun, Gladiator, and Anchorman; although Ted may be turning it into a four-way tie the more I watch it.

What's my favorite TV show?

I'm a bonafied How I Met Your Mother groupie!! Which is a good thing, because like Neil Patrick Harris' character, I too don't have a Shame Gland... Actually where mine should be, is a second Awesome Gland. True story.

Why do I LOVE country music?

Country music is real. It's real people singing about real issues that real people live through. The artists that I've had the privilege to meet so far have all been incredible. Everyone in this industry is a genuinely nice person, and a lot of fun to be around. Now if I was a millionaire rapper with six different cars and constantly rockin' a gold chain, maybe I'd change my genre. But I'm just a hard working guy that loves my town, my family, and of course my bourbon, so country is a perfect fit!

Who is my favorite artist?

Ouch, this is a tough one! I'd have to say it's a tie between Katie Armiger and Hunter Hayes. Katie got me hooked with "Best Song Ever" a few years ago, and I've loved her work ever since. It doesn't hurt that she's also drop-dead-gorgeous (Katie, hit me up, Nick Tadpole at Froggy Radio). I'm still upset that when she was in town on the Froggy Hometown Country Tour last summer they had me in the studio instead of at the show. That was my shot! It could have been magical Katie, still can be ;) ... Anyways haha, Hunter Hayes is my favorite male artist right now. The kid is incredible. I can call him a kid because he's younger than me, and that very rarely happens, so it makes me feel experienced. Did you know that Hunter plays EVERY instrument on his album?! Now that's just freaking awesome!

What's my WORST moment working at Froggy?

Well this one is easy; I got dumped via cell phone conversation at the Lady Antebellum concert last June... Yeah, that kinda blew.

What's my FAVORITE moment working at Froggy?

So far my favorite moment was the Jason Aldean concert last August. I took some lucky listeners backstage to meet Luke Bryan, and one girl was so excited that she cried for a solid 45 minutes. (Side bar, I think Luke Bryan paints his jeans on, just an observation I made.) I also got to watch the concert with my brother and some of our friends, and it was by far the best show I've ever seen at the Pavilion.

Well that’s pretty much me. If you’d like, you can learn more about me, and country music, and ridiculous funny quotes and stuff and junk by following me on Twitter @nicktadpole and by “liking” the Nick Tadpole Facebook page.

Until I see ya next time, I’m out!




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