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                               Danger's Life Story


About Me: Hey guys. It's me Danger. This is my life story.

I am about 5’9 and 180. I think someone in my family was Irish. Red hair, white skin, fondness of beer…You get the picture.

During "THE DANGER SHOW" you will hear the FROGGY IDOL competition, a Daily Top 5 at 5pm, Best Joke Wednesday, Danger Dialing on the Froggy Prank Phone, Celebrity interviews and Real Country Variety!

I love my sweet thAng (my wife).

Hear my radio show weekdays from 2pm-7pm on Froggy 104.3 (Pittsburgh) Froggy 103.5 (Ohio Valley) and Froggy 94.9 (Mon Valley).

I cry everytime Hines Ward dances.

I am a father of four sons Simon, Henry, Luke, Carson and daughter Ellie who are my pride and joys.

I can get crazy. I have skateboarded through the Fort Pitt tunnels, putted a golf ball from Monroeville to Nevillewood for charity and twerked at a David Allan Coe concert. My name is Danger remember? I text while snowboarding. Sue me.

High School/College: I went to college at the University of Memphis. We lost the National Championship in basketball to Kansas in 2008. I'm still heartbroken.

Hometown: I was born in Memphis Tennessee. I also lived in Houston Texas as a child for about seven years. But I have been a YINZER (person who says Yinz instead of Ya'll) since 2002. Yinzzzzzz!

Favorite Music: Are you kidding me? Country music rules in the Pittsburgh area.

Favorite Hobby/Interests/Activities: I grill everything steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, lamb, goat, duck, pork, Ribs, veggies, roadkill and anything else I can get my hands on. "Grilling with Danger" cookbook coming soon.... I like to work out and make babies as well (I have five kids).

I also like to play golf. Old Stonewall, Mystic Rock, Quicksilver & Hickory Heights are some of my favorite courses.


Favorite TV Show: The Voice &  "Desperate Housewives of Fayette County".

Favorite Movie: Tropic Thunder, Step Brothers, It’s a Wonderful Life, Godfather, Elf, Bad Santa, Anchor Man, Hustle and Flow.

Favorite Food: I love steak, lamb chops, seafood, crawfish and I love hot wings! I also love lamb.

Beverage of Choice: Sweet Tea and Water. Cold beer too. Stay thirsty my friends...


Worst Fear: The guy in Walmart who wears a dress.

Pet Peeves: I hate it when people give out their phone number without the area code. What kind of time bubble do you live in where you think that you can give out your number with no area code? We have about five or six area codes within fifty miles of Pittsburgh.

Favorite celebrity you’ve met: I got really excited when Dolly Parton was in my studio for an interview. I also got nervous at the Mario Lemieux Golf Tournament a few years back when I was in the locker room with Michael Jordan. I felt like Cuba Gooding Jr in those Hanes commercials.

Hidden Talents: I can rain 3-pointers on people during pickup basketball games.

Is there anybody you would still love to meet that you haven’t? I would like to have Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton and Ben Roethlisberger in studio at the same time. I would also like to interview a President OR Sidney Crosby. They are both cool.

Something you just want everybody to know: My favorite chapter in the bible is Leviticus 26. I made a 3-pointer at the buzzer to beat the Povertyneck Hillbillies by one point in a 2007 charity basketball game at Uniontown High School. I danced with Kym Johnson of DWTS!

Most Memorable ON-AIR Interview: Mr Fred Rogers. I got to interview him in October of 2002. Just months before he passed away. He was a great Pittsburgher and a man that devoted his life to children.

Most Memorable ON-AIR Guest: Having Kenny Chesney in studio was cool. Some of my favorite country stars to interview are Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, Blake Shelton, Chris Cagle, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

Funniest: When I had Kellie Pickler in studio. She has everyone laughing so hard. You should hear her doing my TOP 5 BLONDE JOKES.

Worst ON-AIR Moment: When an interview bombs. I hate it when that happens. Interviews are my favorite but sometimes the guest and I just don't mesh. It's rare but I hate it when it happens.

Danger loves Froggyland because...

Rivers, Hills, Bridges and God has me here now for some reason. So I am very happy to be here. Cheers!



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